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Vacation is meant to be a relaxing getaway from the busy lifestyles many of us lead, a place to go where you shouldn’t have to worry about much of anything. Does anyone else find it slightly ironic all of the stress that typically goes into traveling (the hassle of hotel check-in and securing dinner reservations, planning activities and budgeting for them… the list goes on and on)? The answer may be floating right in front of you–an ocean cruise!


Here are the top benefits of cruising and why booking the Country’s Family Reunion cruise could be the answer to your travel terrors:


  1. EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED: Budgeting for a trip can be extremely difficult. There are always unknown expenses that pop up from eating out, purchasing tickets for entertainment, signing upforactivities,parking,Oneofthebestpartsaboutcruising isallexpensesareincluded-­ meals, snacks, onboard activities, performances/shows, you name it! (All you have to do is get there. Once you’re on the boat, everything isprepaid)


  1. UNSURPASSED HOSPITALITY: Onboard each ship is a small city of staff members catering to your every need. If you want breakfast at 3 o’clock in the morning, no problem. If you break a fingernail or need a pedicure (gentlemen, we know that you do), there are people for that. Even the cabin crew will make sure you don’t have to lift your newly-painted finger. Whatever you need, they will track it down for you…and don’t be surprised if they make your room towels into adorable animals each day with turndown


  1. MULTIPLE DESTINATIONS: Not only do cruisers get to relax on the luxurious ship itself, but they also get to explore exotic ports of call along the way.This year, the CFR/LCD cruise will be porting in Cozumel, Mexico, George Town, Grand Cayman, and Falmouth, Jamaica. (Check back for future blog posts with details from each)


  1. EXCURSIONS GALORE: There is never a shortage of things to do while on a cruise. In addition to onboard activities, there are a collection of day trip excursions at each port. From snorkeling, horseback riding, Segway and historical tours, to deep sea fishing, there is sure to be an activity for you. Many of the artists enjoy these activities as well, so who knows? You might even end up cliff-diving with Larry Black (we heard he’s good at that) or skydiving with Nadine!


  1. ONBOARD ENTERTAINMENT: Onboard entertainment is spectacular. The enormous theatre inside the boat hosts world-class dance programs, interactive audience game shows, comedy specials, musicals and more. In addition to these shows, Country’s Family Reunion cruisers will be joined onboard with dozens of your favorite country artists including Mark Wills, Mo Pitney, Gene Watson, Joshua Hedley, Ashley Campbell, Bill Anderson, Rhonda Vincent, The Malpass Brothers, Jeannie Seely, Jimmy Fortune, Wilson Fairchild, Teea Goans, and the cast of Larry’s Country Diner, with exclusive access to nightly shows and performances. This year’s lineup is stronger than ever and sure to “keep the boat rocking.”(Visit cfrcruise.comto view the full lineup.)


  1. SAFETY FIRST: According to Cruise Critic, cruises are one of the safest vacations you can take. All passengers are vetted and crime on board is extremely uncommon. Security, physicians and trained rescue staff are onboard should any emergency arise, so you can focus on your much-needed relaxation knowing you’re in goodhands.


And there you have it–the top reasons why booking our cruise is exactly the getaway you’ve been seeking. Check back for our next weekly blog post giving you everything you need to know about “smooth sailing!”