Finding the right travel partner can be tricky. While vacationing with friends and family often makes the trip more fun, there are benefits to hitting the open sea without your “mates.” If you’re hesitant to booking a cabin on the Country’s Family Reunion cruise because you don’t have anyone to commit to the trip with, here are some reasons you may find it beneficial to book a cruise for yourself.

The first benefit is pretty obvious. You are bound to no one’s schedule but your own. There is no compromising on which excursions to participate in or when you want to eat or what entertainment you’d like to see. You have the freedom and the power to create the perfect onboard schedule as full or as relaxing as you so desire. You also can change your plans at the drop of a hat without consulting anybody else. No more arguing with loved ones about which movie night to attend or how to spend your cherished vacation hours.

Another positive of cruising solo is your ability to truly relax. The cabin quarters can sometimes feel cramped with several people sharing a room. This way, you can claim that queen sized bed all to yourself. Not to mention, on a beautiful sunny day, it’s a lot easier to find one lounger at the pool as opposed to two, side-by-side.

When cruising alone, you’ll often times find yourself more open to meeting new people. It’s away to go beyond your comfort zone and make friends with other folks that you meet at dinner or by the pool. If you’re single, you may even find the love of your life on a cruise ship…no promises on this one but you never know what could happen.

No matter what the incentive is, don’t let the idea of going on a vacation alone, deter you from giving it a try! We are sure it will be a vacation you never forget.