Hurricane Dorian has wreaked havoc on much of the Carribean including Jamaica. If you have been following the storm, we are sure you have been wondering how this may impact the travel plans for our cruise out of Galveston in January. We’re here to tell you not to worry. While Dorian has left an excruciating mark on Jamaica, Royal Carribean is happy to report that the private beach, Cococay, did not suffer major damage from Dorian. However they did report minor presence of debris and clutter that came as a result of the high wind level. The message Royal Carribean has left for cruisers is as follows:


“While CocoCay was somewhat spared from Hurricane Dorian’s destruction and we did not have any major damage, the storm left behind debris, washed away some of our sand and bricks, and took down many of our trees. We started working on repairs as quickly as possible, but we kindly ask that you “mind our dust” or sand, as we continue our very own recovery efforts.”


The NY Post reported that the Royal Carribean cruise line has pledged $1 million to aid in hurricane relief with plans of delivering 43,000 bottles of water, tens of thousands of meals, generators and other relief supplies to their long-standing friends in the Bahamas. Royal Carribean reports:


The Bahamas has been part of our family for nearly five decades. Our thoughts and support are with them during this difficult time. As part of our Hurricane Dorian relief efforts, we’re committing $1 million to help them rebuild. In addition, we’re rolling up our sleeves and delivering over 20,000 meals a day, plus water, medical supplies, generators and other necessities. To join the cause or to learn more about what else we’re doing to help, please visit our hurricane relief page.


Larry’s Country Diner and Country’s Family Reunion are proud to call Royal Carribbean a partner and would encourage any support you feel led to contribute. 


As for January, we anticipate smooth sailing and pray for a quick and full recovery from the countries suffering from the repercussions of Hurricane Dorian.