Budgeting for a cruise can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Our team makes every effort to assist those who want to join the fun in making the cruise affordable and attainable for all.

At the time of reservation, cruisers are required to make a $1000 down payment. Then, by July 31, cruisers must have half of the total cruise costs paid. Cruisers will then have until October 16 to pay the balance (this balance covers all taxes, fees and gratuities)–so the earlier your book, the more time you have to budget on the front end. To help you stay on track, our customer service team is happy to help establish monthly payments to spread out the costs.    

Another couple of items you should keep in mind: 1.) a cruiser will need to arrive at the ship for a morning departure, many will stay at a hotel the night before, and 2.) as parking at the pier is typically expensive, most people will opt to park nearby,  leave their car at the hotel, or arrange for a shuttle service. For your convenience, customer service can recommend quality hotels nearby and has pre-arranged at a 15% discount with the Galveston Express (simply use the code “HAYRIDE” when securing your shuttle).

 One of the easiest things to do to financially prepare for a cruise is to save spare change and cash in a “cruise fund” jar. It’s old-fashioned but it’s an easy way to save money over time. Plus, you can personalize your jar to be an appealing decoration in your kitchen or bedroom. A fun way to speed up the savings is every time you have a five dollar bill, place it in the jar. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re relaxing on a tropical getaway! You may also consider adding a $10 bill every time you have overly stressful day at work. It will be a good reminder of why you need a relaxing break from the stress of the work-place. As you are saving for this year, remember to get ahead on your savings for next year by booking a year in advance. This will give you further lead time for your savings! On average, a cruiser would need to save $30 per week, or just over $4 per day. That’s less than a starbucks beverage! Since, it is closer to this year’s departure date, you will have to save more per week but it can still be feasible if your start saving today!


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