The holiday season is fast approaching and if you’re anything like me, you’ll want to start your Christmas shopping early. Why not give them something they can use on the upcoming cruise?? For your convenience, we’ve hit the retail sites and put together a few “must-have” and handy items to take with you on your sea voyage. Check out our picks. What are yours??

Fancy Towel Clips: Don’t worry about the wind blowing your towel when you get up for a refill. Claim your spot with these fun, flamingo towel clips. They also come in other fun shapes like parrots, cocktails, patriotic, mermaids and more! Not to mention, they are only about $8 a pair. Click here to check them out!

Matching Lanyards: These matching gadgets will not only hold your cruise access card, but they also feature a retractable reel so you won’t have to dig for your badge every time you need to get into your cabin or scan for a meal. This product sells for $12.99 and comes in several different patterns. Click here to learn more.

Official CFR/LCD Cruise Tee: Be sure to snag your official tee before setting sail. They are $25 and will be available onboard…but save your cruise partner the time of standing in line by pre-ordering on!  Also, be sure to check out the Cruise Shop for pre-paid point cards, hats, visors, mugs, and more!

Waterproof Phone Pouches: Talk about a “must-have” item! Keep your cell safe when you’re hanging out by the pool or laying out by the ocean. These colorful pouches allow you to snap the perfect seaside photo without the fear of dropping your device in water and damaging it. The phone pouches are sold at 2 for $11. Check them out here.

Sea Band: Fight motion sickness with this inexpensive wrist band. The bead on the inside of the band puts pressure on the P6 acupuncture point on each wrist. This is the best natural relief for seasickness and also works as a preventative measure. A pack of 2 is just $7…learn more by clicking here.

Portable Power Strip: Cruise cabins have very limited outlets per room. Be sure snag one of these portable power supply units to make sure you can keep you phone, hair tools, and cameras plugged in. With three outlets and two USB ports, this particular powerstrip is sold for $20. Click here to check it out.

Thank You Cards: Cruise crew members sacrifice a lot to work weeks on end at sea. Show your appreciation for their hard work by leaving them a thank you card upon your departure. This also provides a safe place to leave a tip, as opposed to leaving loose cash in your cabin. For just $10, you could make your cabin crew’s day. Click here to snag a pack!

Artist Photo: Don’t leave the cruise empty handed. Grab your artist printed photo collage now and be sure to have your favorite artists sign it before you head out. This print is only $5 but the memories it will hold are priceless. Purchase yours here.

 Personalized Cabin Door Magnet: Never lose your cabin after a fun night out. Royal Carribean is offering personalized door magnets just for you and your family. (You’ll be the envy of your cabin row!!) Order and personalize on Amazon for just $14 and shipping is FREE! Start customizing here.

Cruise Cabin Night Light: The tight quarters on your cruise ship can be hard to navigate when it’s dark. This problem is solved with this motion sensor night light. Get up to use the restroom without stubbing your toe on the dresser. Purchase for just $17.99 here.