Okay…so don’t let this article about seasickness scare you. The fact is, large, modern cruise ships like those used for the Country’s Family Reunion/Larry’s Country Diner Cruise are equipped with roll stabilizers and other measures to reduce motion sickness, so it is actually fairly rare.  However, some people still find themselves a bit queasy, especially when the seas become a bit rough.


No worries, we won’t let motion sickness ruin your vacation, so we’ve put together our Top-5 prevention techniques and remedies should you find yourself as one of the unlucky few.


It’s important to remember that everyone’s body is different and you’ll need to find what options work best for you.


  1. The “Sea Band”: While humming along to the cruise ship’s musical performances might make you feel awesome, the kind of band we are suggesting is one designed to prevent seasickness. It is a cloth bracelet that has a small knob that rests on your P6 pressure point. This uses the tradition of accupressure to prevent the feeling of nausea or motion sickness. Since the Sea Band doesn’t use any medication, there are no side effects that typically come from anti-nausea pills. It is also safe for your kiddos to use! While many people say it is merely a placebo and power of suggestion, others absolutely swear by it. Click HERE to learn more about them.


  1. Ginger/Peppermint: Again, this is not referring to your favorite “red-head,” but a natural way to alleviate the symptoms of motion sickness. Any way you can get ginger into your system, will help to “ease the seas.” We suggest the use of ginger essential oil, ginger extract, ginger ale, or even ginger lozenges! Peppermint is another great essential oil to use for an upset stomach.


  1. Take A Dip: If you’re feeling a little queasy, try floating in the pool. Your body is used to movement when you’re submerged in water so this helps it feel a little more normal than when you are fighting the movement of the seas walking on deck.


  1. Get Out and About!: Sometimes, laying down on your back (supine) will help ease queasiness, but if that doesn’t work, get up and get some fresh air. Go to the front of the boat and focus on a point in the distance. This could be an island, another boat or even a bobber of some sort. Try to find something to look at that will help reset your equilibrium.


  1. Stay Hydrated: There are so many reasons that it’s important to drink plenty of water while you’re on a cruise and one of them is it helps with sea-sickness. When you’re out and about and having a grand time on the boat, it can be easy to forget to drink water. Try having a glass before every meal and taking a water bottle with you when you head out for some fun in the sun!