For months, we’ve been telling you about all the wonderful things about our cruise–top-notch entertainment, hanging out with the stars, exotic ports of call, excursions to take in the local scenery, shopping, 5-star dining experiences, and more….you can even pamper yourself at the onboard spa and salon. While all of this sounds AMAZING, there’s something else holding you back: Kids, grandkids, rugrats, ankle-biters, young’uns….whatever you want to call them. Though we love them, let’s face it, they are often not welcome or don’t fit in everywhere; they certainly are not into Gene Watson and the same kind of music we like, and there is NO WAY we are going to run off and leave them. 


We have great news for you! Kids don’t have to be an anchor that keeps you from setting sail with us. Royal Carribean has plenty of things to do for your munchkins, including childcare for kids aged 3-11 which comes at no additional cost to you through 10 PM ($7 per hour, thereafter).. That’s right! Drop the little ones off at “Adventure Ocean” and go on your merry way. They will be entertained with endless activities, playrooms, themed parties and more, all under the supervision of top-of-the-line professional caretakers. This award-winning adventure program separates “sailors” by age groups: The Aquanauts are comprised of kids ages 3-5 years old; The Explorers, ages 6-8; and The Voyagers, ages 9-11. Activities are catered to each group according to their age and include stoking their competitive spirit at sports tournaments and video game showdowns, giving them an opportunity to show off their skills in talent shows, joining on a scavenger hunt around the ship, and much more!  So, You can enjoy the amazing concert programming our cruise has to offer, all while knowing your babies are in good hands. 


There’s a place for your teenagers too! The Royal Caribbean teen program isn’t some structured set of classes or rules. These “almost adults” deserve a vacation all their own. The program gives them the freedom to join pre-planned events throughout the day, or simply hang out in teen-only spaces with our teen staff that keeps the good times coming. This also includes a themed dance party at the Teen Disco in the evening…although maybe we should send in Larry Black to chaperone this groovy gathering??


Okay, so we’ve covered ages 3-17 but what about the itty-bitties? You guessed it, there’s a place for them too! The Royal Babies and Royal Tots programs will take the little ones off your hands for some much deserved time away. Each group is held at an onboard lounge and is designed to make playtime learning time too!


In addition to these programs, there are tons of onboard activities for the whole family to enjoy, such as the arcade, waterslides and pool areas, movie nights and scrapbooking classes. Long-story short, don’t discount coming along for the ride because you’re worried the children won’t have anything to do…


…And whatever you do, don’t wait to book because the cruise is nearly sold out!