Did you know that the standard cabin room aboard a cruise ship has a few unique qualities that set apart from the typical hotel room?  Many of these things are so subtle, even veteran voyagers overlook them. Yet knowing these little secrets can make you a lot more comfortable if you know about them before you check in. So we don’t feel bad at all about blabbing to you and sharing these secrets with everyone.    


The walls are magnetic: A cruise ship is essentially just a huge floating piece of metal and so are the walls in your cabin. Pack some magnets to help organize your papers, tickets, and event invitations you may receive while on board! There are magnets with hooks that will hold up to 50 lbs. You can hang backpacks and travel bags on your wall to make more space. 


Bathrooms Lack Ventilation: It’s no secret you will be living in tight quarters during your time at sea and the restrooms in your cabin only have a small fan to keep air flowing. It is suggested that you pack some aromatherapy or air fresheners to keep the area smelling fresh and clean, but be sure to leave the lighter at home! No candles or open flames.


Utilize Under The Bed Storage: Keep your room organized all week long by storing shoes and your empty suitcase under the bed. Just remember to triple check under there before departing the ship for good.


Beds Can Be Reconfigured: Beds on most ships can be easily pushed together or separated. All you need to do is request your preferred layout from your assigned cabin steward. It is also recommended that you select your cabin preferences before your cruise, however if you change your mind or forget, it is no big deal to have it changed! You can also have them moved to face different directions if you are sensitive to motion sickness or would more space in different areas of the cabin.


Furniture Cannot Be Moved: While you are able to move around beds, dressers, side tables and lights stay put. This is for your safety should there be rougher waters that could otherwise put passengers in harms way by sliding furniture. If you are notorious for bumping into furniture corners, you may consider bringing along child safety edge covers.


Don’t Leave Your Balcony Door Open: If you leave your balcony door open to get fresh air in your cabin, this creates the potential for a wind tunnel. If anyone opens the interior cabin door leading back out to the ship’s hallway while the balcony door is open, not only will many of your lighter belongings (tickets, money, lanyards, paper cups, etc.) be swept up and scattered, but it will create a suction that will slam the cabin door with such force as to rattle the ship, wake up any resting neighbors, and scare the tarnation out of anyone within a quarter mile. We don’t recommend it. 


Drink Up: The tap water on cruise ships is completely consumable. Don’t waste time, energy, or resources lugging a case of water to your ship. Instead, pack some empty water bottles to fill up before heading out and about.


Source: Cruise Critic